Raising a Thinking Child offered at Riverview Elementary


Words that parents and caregivers use with children help children think and independently solve problems. Children need to practice thinking of alternatives and developing their problem solving skills. Parents of children ages 4-7 and other caregivers will be introduced to these skills at the Raising a Thinking Child Workshop.

Parents and other caregivers can develop and practice these skills at the Raising a Thinking Child Workshop.

Participants will learn about these tools:

  • The “I Can Problem Solve” discipline ladder
  • Using word pairs to build a vocabulary for problem solving
  • Giving children skills to solve problems taking into account their own and other’s feelings


  • Date and Time: Thursday, September 29 from 5:30-7 PM
  • Location: Riverview Elementary School
  • Free child care (up to 10 years old) and a light meal is provided so the whole family can attend.
  • Fee: There is no fee.

This 1 1/2 hour introductory class will be taught by Mary LaBlanc, Waushara County DHS and Mary Ann Schilling, Waushara County UW-Extension, and is sponsored by Waushara County Association for Home and Community Education.